AnnaReed's 1st Easter

April 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I recently heard about the craft store challenge where you go into the floral section of Hobby Lobby or Michaels and take photos using the flowers as a backdrop. You can check them out here. I thought it was the coolest and quirkiest idea, but fake flowers aren't really my thing.

A couple weeks later I was walking through my local grocery store and noticed how AMAZING their live florals were!!! They had a huge display of gorgeous potted plants in addition to their usual section of bouquets! It immediately sparked some seriously intense inspiration!

I tried to focus on my shopping, but as I was in the check-out line all I could think about was those flowers! I legit wanted to buy ALL of them so I could use them as a spring photo backdrop!!! Don't worry, I resisted buying the entire floral department. But when I got home I could not get those flowers off my mind. Then it hit me! I remembered the craft store challenge! didn't need to buy the flowers, I just needed to ask permission to take my model there! 

So I put in a call to the store manager and asked them if I could bring my baby girl to take a few photos the following morning (the least busy shopping time). They said "Yes!" THEN I got the idea to take her to a local nursery and do the same!!! And amazingly, they said "Yes!" too!!! Hurray!!!

AnnaReed and I had the most magical adventure!!! It was such a blast! I am so thankful to the 2 businesses that allowed me to do this!!! Her 1st Easter photos are spectacular, and unforgettable!!!  

(If you are wanting to try this fun trend I recommend getting permission from the store manager)

These are from the nursery (outdoors):

AReaster18-001eAReaster18-001e AReaster18-002AReaster18-002 AReaster18-003AReaster18-003 AReaster18-004eAReaster18-004e AReaster18-005eAReaster18-005e AReaster18-006eAReaster18-006e

And these are from the grocery store (inside): AReaster18-007AReaster18-007 AReaster18-008AReaster18-008 AReaster18-011AReaster18-011 AReaster18-012eAReaster18-012e AReaster18-013eAReaster18-013e


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