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August 23 - August 26
10 minute session • 5 digital photos with print release
20% off standard print & canvas pricing • $150
Call or email now to book your appointment!

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Jaxson's Cake Smash How do you celebrate a handsome guy turning ONE?!?! A cake smash session of course! Jaxson had such a blast, and by the end of the session we were both covered in delicious vanilla cake! Haha! 


GRP_0409GRP_0409 GRP_0415GRP_0415 GRP_0419GRP_0419 GRP_0426-2GRP_0426-2 GRP_0421GRP_0421 GRP_0433GRP_0433 GRP_0434-2GRP_0434-2 GRP_0435GRP_0435 GRP_0428GRP_0428 GRP_0434GRP_0434 GRP_0437GRP_0437 GRP_0444GRP_0444 GRP_0448GRP_0448 GRP_0440GRP_0440 GRP_0460GRP_0460 GRP_0467GRP_0467 GRP_0468GRP_0468 GRP_0482GRP_0482 GRP_0463GRP_0463 JaxsonCakeSmash-004e2JaxsonCakeSmash-004e2 JaxsonCakeSmash-002bwJaxsonCakeSmash-002bw JaxsonCakeSmash-003e2bwJaxsonCakeSmash-003e2bw JaxsonCakeSmash-001JaxsonCakeSmash-001 JaxsonCakeSmash-003eJaxsonCakeSmash-003e JaxsonCakeSmash-004eJaxsonCakeSmash-004e JaxsonCakeSmash-005eJaxsonCakeSmash-005e GRP_0489GRP_0489 GRP_0490GRP_0490 GRP_0495GRP_0495 GRP_0512GRP_0512 GRP_0514GRP_0514 GRP_0529-2GRP_0529-2 GRP_0535GRP_0535

Cake smash sessions are the perfect way to celebrate your kiddo's FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! We can do everything from a themed cake smash with crazy fun, colorful sets and cakes, to a more natural session like the one shown in this post. Call or email now to book! 


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Congrats Alex!!! Congratulations to this amazing woman for her recent graduation from Florida State University Law School!!! I've been working with Alex for several months now on some content creation sessions for her business (yes, she owns her own business too!) so when it came time for grad photos I was lucky enough to be her girl! We had a blast playing around with confetti and champagne, and celebrating with an ice cold Bud Light on a gorgeous spring afternoon at the FSU School of Law. Alex, I know you will do so many amazing things in your life! So proud of you, boss babe!!!

AlexFSUgrad-055eAlexFSUgrad-055e AlexFSUgrad-059eAlexFSUgrad-059e AlexFSUgrad-032e2AlexFSUgrad-032e2 AlexFSUgrad-040e2AlexFSUgrad-040e2 AlexFSUgrad-043AlexFSUgrad-043 AlexFSUgrad-001eAlexFSUgrad-001e AlexFSUgrad-015AlexFSUgrad-015 AlexFSUgrad-005e2AlexFSUgrad-005e2 AlexFSUgrad-072AlexFSUgrad-072 AlexFSUgrad-069AlexFSUgrad-069 AlexFSUgrad-062AlexFSUgrad-062 AlexFSUgrad-063eAlexFSUgrad-063e AlexFSUgrad-066eAlexFSUgrad-066e AlexFSUgrad-061AlexFSUgrad-061

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Mommy & Me Mommy & Me Sessions are always so special to photograph! The bond between a mother and her child is beyond remarkable, and I absolutely cherish every chance I get to capture that with my camera. With our crazy busy lives, sports, dance, homework, housework,
work work, trying to fit in personal time with our spouses, grocery shopping, cooking, ugh the list goes on and on... But with all of the daily tasks it is so hard to fit in that dedicated one on one time with our children, especially when we have more than one! When we do take a few minutes to give our children our undivided attention we know how incredibly rewarding it is! And yet it still seems so hard to make the time to do it, at least for me anyways. But, with a Mommy & Me Session it is such a fun experience that also counts as dedicated time with your child/children! They will have such a blast goofing off with you that they will remember it for years to come! And the photos will be a constant reminder of how much love there is between you. The light shining through a mommas eyes while looking at her child... ah, perfection. 

Our kids grow so fast. It sounds cliché to say their childhood is gone in the blink of an eye, but it's really true. I look at my 13 year old on a daily in disbelief that he is now taller than me, has armpit hair, and more often than not has that typical teenager attitude. I am thankful he is growing up to be a strong and handsome young man. I am blessed to be his mom. I'm proud of the person he is becoming. But, I so long for the days when he would crawl up in my lap for a snuggle or a story. I yearn for the times when I could pick him up and tote him around. I miss his baby breath so much! Haha, I know, that's super weird but I swear it was better than puppy breath! It all goes by soooooo fast!!!! I could never imagine how quickly his sweet childhood years would be gone. I will, and he will too, forever cherish the photos we have from the many professional photo sessions we did together through the years. It is beyond important to document your family, your successes, your babies, all of it!!!! through photos! A Mommy & Me Session is a wonderful treat for you and your child/children! And you don't have to wait until Mother's Day to do it. These sessions are perfect for anytime of the year, and can be enjoyed as a full session or a mini-session! 

Check out these two gorgeous girls, and the fun they had in their 30 minute mini Mommy & Me Session! 

Caitlin+Ivey-001Caitlin+Ivey-001 Caitlin+Ivey-002Caitlin+Ivey-002 Caitlin+Ivey-003Caitlin+Ivey-003 Caitlin+Ivey-004Caitlin+Ivey-004 Caitlin+Ivey-005Caitlin+Ivey-005 Caitlin+Ivey-006Caitlin+Ivey-006 Caitlin+Ivey-008Caitlin+Ivey-008 Caitlin+Ivey-009Caitlin+Ivey-009 Caitlin+Ivey-010Caitlin+Ivey-010 Caitlin+Ivey-011-2Caitlin+Ivey-011-2 Caitlin+Ivey-012-2Caitlin+Ivey-012-2 Caitlin+Ivey-016-2Caitlin+Ivey-016-2 Caitlin+Ivey-018Caitlin+Ivey-018 Caitlin+Ivey-020-2Caitlin+Ivey-020-2 Caitlin+Ivey-026-2Caitlin+Ivey-026-2 Caitlin+Ivey-029-2Caitlin+Ivey-029-2 Caitlin+Ivey-030-2Caitlin+Ivey-030-2 Caitlin+Ivey-031-2Caitlin+Ivey-031-2 Caitlin+Ivey-033-2Caitlin+Ivey-033-2 Caitlin+Ivey-035-2Caitlin+Ivey-035-2 Caitlin+Ivey-036-2Caitlin+Ivey-036-2 Caitlin+Ivey-038Caitlin+Ivey-038 Caitlin+Ivey-041-2Caitlin+Ivey-041-2 Caitlin+Ivey-040Caitlin+Ivey-040 Caitlin+Ivey-041Caitlin+Ivey-041 Caitlin+Ivey-042Caitlin+Ivey-042 Caitlin+Ivey-043-2Caitlin+Ivey-043-2

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Congratulations Addyson!!! Congrats to this gorgeous girl on making it through high school! Wooohoooo!!! Addyson and a group of her best girlfriends spent their Spring Break at St. George Island this year, so I went down to photograph her Senior Portraits. We had an absolute blast, and of course, the beach and the lighting were phenomenal. 

St. George Island, FL is an amazing location for portrait sessions! There are so many options for backgrounds, and the sunsets never fail! As you can see in the images below, I was able to capture Addyson's senior photos with a variety of backgrounds, color, and lighting options! She had 3 outfit changes, and rocked every single one! And her sweet, hysterical momma even jumped in a few photos with her. I know they will cherish those photos of the two of them for years to come!  

Congratulations, Addyson!!! You are such an amazing girl, and I know you will shine so brightly in your future endeavors!


Addyson-012Addyson-012 Addyson-013Addyson-013 Addyson-014Addyson-014 Addyson-015Addyson-015 Addyson-016Addyson-016 Addyson-017Addyson-017 Addyson-018Addyson-018 Addyson-019Addyson-019 Addyson-020Addyson-020 Addyson-021Addyson-021 Addyson-023Addyson-023 Addyson-024Addyson-024 Addyson-026Addyson-026 Addyson-027Addyson-027 Addyson-028Addyson-028 Addyson-031Addyson-031 Addyson-032Addyson-032 Addyson-035Addyson-035 Addyson-036Addyson-036 Addyson-037Addyson-037 Addyson-039Addyson-039 Addyson-040Addyson-040 Addyson-041Addyson-041 Addyson-042Addyson-042 Addyson-044Addyson-044 Addyson-045Addyson-045 Addyson-046Addyson-046 Addyson-047Addyson-047 Addyson-049Addyson-049 Addyson-050Addyson-050 Addyson-051Addyson-051 Addyson-053Addyson-053 Addyson-054Addyson-054 Addyson-055Addyson-055 Addyson-056Addyson-056 Addyson-061Addyson-061 Addyson-062Addyson-062 Addyson-063Addyson-063 Addyson-064Addyson-064 Addyson-065Addyson-065 Addyson-066Addyson-066 Addyson-067Addyson-067 Addyson-068Addyson-068 Addyson-069Addyson-069 Addyson-071Addyson-071 Addyson-072Addyson-072 Addyson-073Addyson-073 Addyson-074Addyson-074 Addyson-075Addyson-075 Addyson-076Addyson-076 Addyson-077Addyson-077 Addyson-078Addyson-078 Addyson-080Addyson-080 Addyson-082Addyson-082 Addyson-083Addyson-083 Addyson-084Addyson-084 Addyson-085Addyson-085 Addyson-087Addyson-087 Addyson-088Addyson-088 Addyson-089Addyson-089 Addyson-090Addyson-090 Addyson-091Addyson-091 Addyson-092Addyson-092 Addyson-096Addyson-096 Addyson-094Addyson-094 Addyson-097Addyson-097 Addyson-098Addyson-098 Addyson-099Addyson-099 Addyson-100Addyson-100 Addyson-101Addyson-101 Addyson-102Addyson-102 Addyson-103Addyson-103 Addyson-104Addyson-104 Addyson-106Addyson-106 Addyson-108Addyson-108 Addyson-117Addyson-117   

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Autumn + Ethan Autumn and Ethan's wedding was beyond gorgeous! We've all heard the old wives tale that rain on your wedding day is good luck. Well, these two are definitely going to be having some good luck, because the downpour was torrential right at ceremony time. No worries though! The wedding was moved indoors at the Retreat at Bradley's, and was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! And oh, the dancing afterward!!! My jaws were aching by the time I left that night from smiling and laughing so much! These guys were beyond fun!!! 

Autumn+Ethan-001Autumn+Ethan-001 Autumn+Ethan-002Autumn+Ethan-002 Autumn+Ethan-003Autumn+Ethan-003 Autumn+Ethan-004Autumn+Ethan-004 Autumn+Ethan-005Autumn+Ethan-005 Autumn+Ethan-006Autumn+Ethan-006 Autumn+Ethan-007Autumn+Ethan-007 Autumn+Ethan-008Autumn+Ethan-008 Autumn+Ethan-009Autumn+Ethan-009 Autumn+Ethan-010Autumn+Ethan-010 Autumn+Ethan-012Autumn+Ethan-012 Autumn+Ethan-013Autumn+Ethan-013 Autumn+Ethan-017Autumn+Ethan-017 Autumn+Ethan-018Autumn+Ethan-018 Autumn+Ethan-019Autumn+Ethan-019 Autumn+Ethan-020Autumn+Ethan-020 Autumn+Ethan-021Autumn+Ethan-021 Autumn+Ethan-023Autumn+Ethan-023 Autumn+Ethan-025Autumn+Ethan-025 Autumn+Ethan-026Autumn+Ethan-026 Autumn+Ethan-027Autumn+Ethan-027 Autumn+Ethan-028Autumn+Ethan-028 Autumn+Ethan-029Autumn+Ethan-029 Autumn+Ethan-030Autumn+Ethan-030 Autumn+Ethan-031Autumn+Ethan-031 Autumn+Ethan-032Autumn+Ethan-032 Autumn+Ethan-036Autumn+Ethan-036 Autumn+Ethan-037Autumn+Ethan-037 Autumn+Ethan-038Autumn+Ethan-038 Autumn+Ethan-039Autumn+Ethan-039 Autumn+Ethan-040Autumn+Ethan-040 Autumn+Ethan-041Autumn+Ethan-041 Autumn+Ethan-042Autumn+Ethan-042 Autumn+Ethan-043Autumn+Ethan-043 Autumn+Ethan-044Autumn+Ethan-044 Autumn+Ethan-045Autumn+Ethan-045 Autumn+Ethan-046Autumn+Ethan-046 Autumn+Ethan-049Autumn+Ethan-049 Autumn+Ethan-047Autumn+Ethan-047 Autumn+Ethan-048Autumn+Ethan-048 Autumn+Ethan-050Autumn+Ethan-050 Autumn+Ethan-051Autumn+Ethan-051 Autumn+Ethan-052Autumn+Ethan-052 Autumn+Ethan-053Autumn+Ethan-053 Autumn+Ethan-054Autumn+Ethan-054 Autumn+Ethan-056Autumn+Ethan-056 Autumn+Ethan-057Autumn+Ethan-057 Autumn+Ethan-058Autumn+Ethan-058 Autumn+Ethan-060Autumn+Ethan-060 Autumn+Ethan-061Autumn+Ethan-061 Autumn+Ethan-062Autumn+Ethan-062 Autumn+Ethan-063Autumn+Ethan-063 Autumn+Ethan-064Autumn+Ethan-064 Autumn+Ethan-065Autumn+Ethan-065 Autumn+Ethan-066Autumn+Ethan-066 Autumn+Ethan-067Autumn+Ethan-067 Autumn+Ethan-069Autumn+Ethan-069 Autumn+Ethan-070Autumn+Ethan-070 Autumn+Ethan-076Autumn+Ethan-076 Autumn+Ethan-078Autumn+Ethan-078 Autumn+Ethan-079Autumn+Ethan-079 Autumn+Ethan-080Autumn+Ethan-080 Autumn+Ethan-081Autumn+Ethan-081 Autumn+Ethan-082Autumn+Ethan-082 Autumn+Ethan-083Autumn+Ethan-083 Autumn+Ethan-084Autumn+Ethan-084 Autumn+Ethan-086Autumn+Ethan-086 Autumn+Ethan-087Autumn+Ethan-087 Autumn+Ethan-089Autumn+Ethan-089 Autumn+Ethan-090Autumn+Ethan-090 Autumn+Ethan-091Autumn+Ethan-091 Autumn+Ethan-092Autumn+Ethan-092 Autumn+Ethan-093Autumn+Ethan-093 Autumn+Ethan-095Autumn+Ethan-095 Autumn+Ethan-096Autumn+Ethan-096 Autumn+Ethan-097Autumn+Ethan-097 Autumn+Ethan-099Autumn+Ethan-099 Autumn+Ethan-100Autumn+Ethan-100 Autumn+Ethan-103Autumn+Ethan-103 Autumn+Ethan-104Autumn+Ethan-104 Autumn+Ethan-105Autumn+Ethan-105 Autumn+Ethan-106Autumn+Ethan-106 Autumn+Ethan-108Autumn+Ethan-108 Autumn+Ethan-109Autumn+Ethan-109 Autumn+Ethan-110Autumn+Ethan-110 Autumn+Ethan-111Autumn+Ethan-111 Autumn+Ethan-114Autumn+Ethan-114 Autumn+Ethan-116Autumn+Ethan-116 Autumn+Ethan-119-2Autumn+Ethan-119-2 Autumn+Ethan-117-2Autumn+Ethan-117-2

For this wedding, Gentry Roberts acted as second shooter for Ashley McCoy of Grits Photography. All photos above were captured and edited by Gentry Roberts. 

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AnnaReed is ONE!!! I cannot believe this gorgeous girl of mine is already ONE!!! How in the world did this year go by so fast??? I swear I can still feel her kicking me in the ribs! This spunky little bundle of personality is keeping us on our toes since her birthday! She is into EVERYTHING, and has a VERY large opinion! Not sure who she gets that from (wink, wink). She isn't walking yet, but the child can move across the house like nothing you have ever seen! And climb? Oh man! She puts King Kong to shame! LOL. Check out her sweet One Year Milestone Photos below, where she is laying on the charm once again! 


GBP_8420GBP_8420 GBP_8418GBP_8418 GBP_8435GBP_8435


We had 2 outfits and 2 different balloons. Which ones do you like better? 


GBP_8469GBP_8469 GBP_8588GBP_8588 GBP_8470GBP_8470 GBP_8474GBP_8474 GBP_8586GBP_8586 GBP_8497GBP_8497 GBP_8503eGBP_8503e GBP_8526GBP_8526 GBP_8587GBP_8587

AnnaReed said she had a blast, but the grass was a little tickly on her chin! Hahaha. We hope you love them! Leave a comment and let me know which outfit/ballon you liked best and what you think of the shoot! I would love to hear from you!



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Maddy & Jake at The River I absolutely LOVE this session!!! These two gorgeous people were so much fun to spend the afternoon with!!! And talk about inspirational... they are super young, have a cutie pie one year old, work, AND go to school!!! Both of them!!! Go-getters if I've ever seen one! Oh, and Maddy has a blog too! I love keeping up with her lifestyle & fashion tips, plus her real-life posts about mommin'! Check it out here.

Can't you just feel the love between these two?

MaddyJake2018-015MaddyJake2018-015 MaddyJake2018-005MaddyJake2018-005 MaddyJake2018-003MaddyJake2018-003 MaddyJake2018-007MaddyJake2018-007 MaddyJake2018-009MaddyJake2018-009 MaddyJake2018-010MaddyJake2018-010 MaddyJake2018-012MaddyJake2018-012 MaddyJake2018-018MaddyJake2018-018 MaddyJake2018-017MaddyJake2018-017 MaddyJake2018-019MaddyJake2018-019 MaddyJake2018-020MaddyJake2018-020 MaddyJake2018-021MaddyJake2018-021 MaddyJake2018-025MaddyJake2018-025 MaddyJake2018-023MaddyJake2018-023 MaddyJake2018-027MaddyJake2018-027 MaddyJake2018-028MaddyJake2018-028 MaddyJake2018-030MaddyJake2018-030 MaddyJake2018-031MaddyJake2018-031 MaddyJake2018-033MaddyJake2018-033 MaddyJake2018-013MaddyJake2018-013

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AnnaReed's 1st July 4th! We celebrated AnnaReed's 1st July 4th with a super fun mini-session!!! Look how stinkin' cute these little patriotic pics turned out! I know I will be bringing these out with my July 4th decorations every year!!!

ARjuly4th2018-001ARjuly4th2018-001 ARjuly4th2018-002ARjuly4th2018-002 ARjuly4th2018-003ARjuly4th2018-003 ARjuly4th2018-004ARjuly4th2018-004 ARjuly4th2018-005ARjuly4th2018-005

We also took a day trip over to Sneads, FL this week and showed AnnaReed this awesome tank memorial! (Excuse my shoes! I accidentally wore my house flops out and didn't realize it until we got out of the car at the tank! So stylish LOL)

IMG_0900IMG_0900 IMG_0894IMG_0894 IMG_0901IMG_0901 IMG_0905IMG_0905 IMG_0904IMG_0904

And I made this cute little video of AnnaeReed and her Daddy! Oh, my heart!!! IMG_0919

And finally, we had dinner with my Dad where I recreated this photo taken of him & Grady 12 years ago!!! I know I will cherish this one forever!!! Grady is on the left (2 months old), AnnaReed on the right (11 months old). So funny how much bigger he was than she is! I don't think we could have fit his big toe in this outfit at 11 months!!! Hahaha! She is going to be a tiny little thang! Love!!!



I hope your 4th was filled with lots of love, fun, and fireworks!!! Xoxoxo, Gentry 



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Jordon & Austin's Adventure Day With Me! What can I say about this session other than I am absolutely in love???!!! I had a vision for creative session and asked Jordon if her & Austin would be my models. She wasn't sure Austin would agree, but he did!!! Happy dance!!! And let me tell you, he totally rocked this session! I think it's even safe to say he had a blast! Jordon & Austin are so beautiful, inside and out, and it truly shows in their photos! 


I mean, who doesn't love dancing in the street with their person?

JordonAustin2018-008eJordonAustin2018-008e JordonAustin2018-009eJordonAustin2018-009e JordonAustin2018-007eJordonAustin2018-007e JordonAustin2018-010eJordonAustin2018-010e JordonAustin2018-005eJordonAustin2018-005e JordonAustin2018-006eJordonAustin2018-006e JordonAustin2018-015JordonAustin2018-015

We had our session planned for Saturday afternoon, but it was storming... again (eye roll). It had rained every single day for like 2 weeks straight. Anyways, we rescheduled for Sunday morning, and the weather was beautiful!!! BUT, with all that rain came some very nasty dirt roads! And on the way home we got stuck! LOL. I don't even know how it happened! I was just driving and we hit a glob of mushy red clay, and it just sucked me right down in the ditch! (Hands over my face). Soooooo, I had to call my sweetie pie husband to come pull us out! I think he though I was joking when I first told him, but as soon as he realized I was serious he loaded the kids up and headed to rescue us! Austin was so funny though. As soon as he realized we were really stuck he just jumped out of the 4Runner and started exploring the area! No complaints AT ALL! I could not believe it!!! And of course Jordon & I just sat in the air conditioning talking about fun stuff! Other than wishing we had a hamburger to eat, it was pretty fun! And hilarious after the fact! 


JordonAustin2018-024JordonAustin2018-024 JordonAustin2018-026JordonAustin2018-026 JordonAustin2018-033JordonAustin2018-033 JordonAustin2018-038JordonAustin2018-038


Her muddy feet were the CUTEST ever!!!! This is definitely one of my favorite images from the session!

JordonAustin2018-039JordonAustin2018-039 JordonAustin2018-040JordonAustin2018-040 JordonAustin2018-042JordonAustin2018-042 JordonAustin2018-045JordonAustin2018-045 JordonAustin2018-048JordonAustin2018-048 JordonAustin2018-049eJordonAustin2018-049e JordonAustin2018-055JordonAustin2018-055 JordonAustin2018-056eJordonAustin2018-056e JordonAustin2018-058JordonAustin2018-058 JordonAustin2018-063JordonAustin2018-063

This session is definitely going down in the books as one of my favorite ever!!!   


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Self Portraits My sweet girl is growing way too fast. The time is flying by so quickly. Being not only a photographer by career, but also the photographer of the family, the only photos of me with my daughter are selfies, or the two sets of professional photos we had taken. I LONG to have more photos of us together. It's not that I'm vain. I just want to remember this wonderful, fleeting time in our life. We are together all day every day minus a few hours for shoots a couple times per week, and our connection is incredibly strong.

There is no comparison of the love I have for my children. I was actually scared to have another child after we had our son because I thought I would have to divide my love to make room for another one. That isn't the case at all! God gives our hearts the ability to grow!!! I love her just as much as I love him! And my love for him didn't change at all!!! That is just so miraculous to me!!! All of that to say, the love I have for the two of them cannot be compared... it is equal. But the connection I have with my baby girl is something words cannot even begin to explain. I just can't... there are none, sorry! LOL 

I wanted to capture this somehow! The only way I know to capture emotion is through art, whether that be music, painting, film, or theatre. My mode of expression is photography! I wanted to freeze this moment in time and have it to look back on for eternity. So, we packed up and headed to the mall in search of the perfect outfits! (She already loves to shop!!! Eek! Heart! Happy dance!!!) And we found the perfect location near our house. I set up the shots, used a remote trigger, and this is what we got! I will cherish these images for the rest of my life!!!      

GBP_3319eGBP_3319e GBP_3351eGBP_3351e GBP_3391eGBP_3391e GBP_3323eGBP_3323e

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Bailey & Her Sweet Daisy This girl has enough spunk to last a lifetime!!! And she LOVES her momma something fierce! Walking with these two around one of our gorgeous greenways here in Tallahassee was so much fun! Capturing the love and laughter between them was the icing on the cake!!! 


BBurgin-007-2BBurgin-007-2 BBurgin-032-2BBurgin-032-2 BBurgin-067BBurgin-067 BBurgin-068BBurgin-068 BBurgin-041BBurgin-041

[email protected] (Gentry Roberts Photography) children's photographer family photographer family photos family portraits gentry roberts gentry roberts photography kids photographer lifestyle photographer lifestyle photographer tallahassee lifestyle photography mommy and me mommy and me photos outdoor portraits photographer tallahassee tallahassee photographer Thu, 07 Jun 2018 02:37:34 GMT
Moore Love Is Always Better! Oh my goodness, aren't the Moores so precious??? I LOVE this family!!! Caitlin is so beautiful, inside and out, and the love she has for her husband and her children just radiates from her!




This precious angel girl is the sweetest, most polite and precious you have ever seen!!! Photographing her was such a treat for me! I could have stayed there with her and those wildflowers for days!!! And of course Caitlin's little ham, Wesley, is just a few weeks younger than my AnnaReed, so he totally has my heart! I keep telling AnnaReed that's her boyfriend ;) LOL  If nothing else, they are bound to be besties because Caitlin & I have been friends for over 15 years!!! She's one of my nearest & dearest! 







I think this is my very favorite image from the entire session. The love between Andrew & Caitlin is crazy beautiful!!!


MooreBlog7MooreBlog7 MooreBlog9MooreBlog9 MooreBlog8MooreBlog8 MooreBlog6MooreBlog6






And of course, Moore love is always better! Love as hard and as often as you can!!! It always makes life better!!!






Xoxoxo, Gentry



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AnnaReed's 1st Easter I recently heard about the craft store challenge where you go into the floral section of Hobby Lobby or Michaels and take photos using the flowers as a backdrop. You can check them out here. I thought it was the coolest and quirkiest idea, but fake flowers aren't really my thing.

A couple weeks later I was walking through my local grocery store and noticed how AMAZING their live florals were!!! They had a huge display of gorgeous potted plants in addition to their usual section of bouquets! It immediately sparked some seriously intense inspiration!

I tried to focus on my shopping, but as I was in the check-out line all I could think about was those flowers! I legit wanted to buy ALL of them so I could use them as a spring photo backdrop!!! Don't worry, I resisted buying the entire floral department. But when I got home I could not get those flowers off my mind. Then it hit me! I remembered the craft store challenge! didn't need to buy the flowers, I just needed to ask permission to take my model there! 

So I put in a call to the store manager and asked them if I could bring my baby girl to take a few photos the following morning (the least busy shopping time). They said "Yes!" THEN I got the idea to take her to a local nursery and do the same!!! And amazingly, they said "Yes!" too!!! Hurray!!!

AnnaReed and I had the most magical adventure!!! It was such a blast! I am so thankful to the 2 businesses that allowed me to do this!!! Her 1st Easter photos are spectacular, and unforgettable!!!  

(If you are wanting to try this fun trend I recommend getting permission from the store manager)

These are from the nursery (outdoors):

AReaster18-001eAReaster18-001e AReaster18-002AReaster18-002 AReaster18-003AReaster18-003 AReaster18-004eAReaster18-004e AReaster18-005eAReaster18-005e AReaster18-006eAReaster18-006e

And these are from the grocery store (inside): AReaster18-007AReaster18-007 AReaster18-008AReaster18-008 AReaster18-011AReaster18-011 AReaster18-012eAReaster18-012e AReaster18-013eAReaster18-013e

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Spring Mini Sessions Are Here!!! The flowers are blooming 🌸 The birds are singing 🦋 That means it's time for Spring Mini Sessions!!! This is the perfect opportunity to get those gorgeous outdoor photos you've been wanting, but at a fraction of the cost! 
🦄 ONLY 4 SPOTS AVAILABLE 🦄 for these extremely popular sessions! Book yours now!!!



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All Boy I got to spend the afternoon with this sweet, sweet boy, and man, is he a cheeser!!! Every time I picked up the camera he broke out in a full-on cheesy smile!!! He was cracking me UP!!!! We did everything from jump on the trampoline together (with the camera!) to throwing dirt and rocks in the red clay road! We even practiced tying our shoes! He was the sweetest little ham the entire time, but ALL boy!!! This session was such a blast!!! I'm so thankful his sweet momma allowed me to spend the afternoon with him and capture his amazing personality! 






RDavis18-048RDavis18-048Such concentration!




RDavis18-029RDavis18-029Happy Boy




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Jordon & Her Boys! Oh my goodness, how I love this girl right here!!! Jordon and her sister Jaden were flower girls in our wedding in 2004!!! I have had the privilege of watching this sweet girl grow into a beautiful young woman! Her boyfriend, Austin, and his son Tanner just light up Jordon's world!! The love between the three of them is undeniable! I had such a blast photographing these guys!!!

GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin' GBP_1063-2JAT01Just a swingin'   

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