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Self Portraits

June 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

My sweet girl is growing way too fast. The time is flying by so quickly. Being not only a photographer by career, but also the photographer of the family, the only photos of me with my daughter are selfies, or the two sets of professional photos we had taken. I LONG to have more photos of us together. It's not that I'm vain. I just want to remember this wonderful, fleeting time in our life. We are together all day every day minus a few hours for shoots a couple times per week, and our connection is incredibly strong.

There is no comparison of the love I have for my children. I was actually scared to have another child after we had our son because I thought I would have to divide my love to make room for another one. That isn't the case at all! God gives our hearts the ability to grow!!! I love her just as much as I love him! And my love for him didn't change at all!!! That is just so miraculous to me!!! All of that to say, the love I have for the two of them cannot be compared... it is equal. But the connection I have with my baby girl is something words cannot even begin to explain. I just can't... there are none, sorry! LOL 

I wanted to capture this somehow! The only way I know to capture emotion is through art, whether that be music, painting, film, or theatre. My mode of expression is photography! I wanted to freeze this moment in time and have it to look back on for eternity. So, we packed up and headed to the mall in search of the perfect outfits! (She already loves to shop!!! Eek! Heart! Happy dance!!!) And we found the perfect location near our house. I set up the shots, used a remote trigger, and this is what we got! I will cherish these images for the rest of my life!!!      

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