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Mommy & Me Sessions are always so special to photograph! The bond between a mother and her child is beyond remarkable, and I absolutely cherish every chance I get to capture that with my camera. With our crazy busy lives, sports, dance, homework, housework,
work work, trying to fit in personal time with our spouses, grocery shopping, cooking, ugh the list goes on and on... But with all of the daily tasks it is so hard to fit in that dedicated one on one time with our children, especially when we have more than one! When we do take a few minutes to give our children our undivided attention we know how incredibly rewarding it is! And yet it still seems so hard to make the time to do it, at least for me anyways. But, with a Mommy & Me Session it is such a fun experience that also counts as dedicated time with your child/children! They will have such a blast goofing off with you that they will remember it for years to come! And the photos will be a constant reminder of how much love there is between you. The light shining through a mommas eyes while looking at her child... ah, perfection. 

Our kids grow so fast. It sounds cliché to say their childhood is gone in the blink of an eye, but it's really true. I look at my 13 year old on a daily in disbelief that he is now taller than me, has armpit hair, and more often than not has that typical teenager attitude. I am thankful he is growing up to be a strong and handsome young man. I am blessed to be his mom. I'm proud of the person he is becoming. But, I so long for the days when he would crawl up in my lap for a snuggle or a story. I yearn for the times when I could pick him up and tote him around. I miss his baby breath so much! Haha, I know, that's super weird but I swear it was better than puppy breath! It all goes by soooooo fast!!!! I could never imagine how quickly his sweet childhood years would be gone. I will, and he will too, forever cherish the photos we have from the many professional photo sessions we did together through the years. It is beyond important to document your family, your successes, your babies, all of it!!!! through photos! A Mommy & Me Session is a wonderful treat for you and your child/children! And you don't have to wait until Mother's Day to do it. These sessions are perfect for anytime of the year, and can be enjoyed as a full session or a mini-session! 

Check out these two gorgeous girls, and the fun they had in their 30 minute mini Mommy & Me Session! 

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I loved all the pictures of mommy and her daughter in a running pose.
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